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sabine vess

..bruno schulz - sabine vess: images of an encounter
..the bruno schulz institute: consequences of that encounter
24.02.1989 - 31.12.2016

..I am a painter, a graphic artist
..mombasa/kampala 1995: the daily drawings

..my german-language journals, prose, theater

..about the interaction between arts and life and the stimulation of others' creativity
..my german-language report on doing theater on their lives with street children
..an insight into my years working on schulz and the consequences; israel 2012

.. theater with barbara feldbrugge, dortmund 2007

..rudolf arnheim *1904 + 2007

..exhibitions, publications, theater, projects



I started with ornaments, with batik.
In 1971, I chanced upon the stories of the Polish-Jewish writer and graphic artist Bruno Schulz and knew, I had to pass through by there. After an incubation of seven years, I set out. Hundreds of drawings, some 300 etchings, drawn and painted portraits of him bear witness of this almost seven years' journey, and needing words, I started to write in German, my mother tongue.
In 1989, we established the Bruno Schulz Institute, which came to an end in December 2016.
From 1986 to 1993, at the 'Institute of Theater Research' in Amsterdam, I worked on theater born of my prose and the world of my images. I started with my CARNIVAL, playing it myself, among others in Amsterdam and Bochum and, in 1993, a last time, in Berlin (where I was born in 1940); parallel to the exhibition of my faces nowadays, in 1991. Four months I had traveled in East and West and Israel, drawing the changed faces from after the fall of the Berlin-Wall.
In 1995, joining a walk of Kenyans and Europeans from Mombasa in Kenya to Kampala in Uganda, I was asked to do theater with street children in Nairobi and to work with art students in a shanty district of Kisumu.
Volunteering for the Netherlands Senior-Experts, in 1986 and 1987, I worked in Cameroon and Kenya and in 1999 and 2000 in Mali. In 1998, on a project along the Ucayali and Pisqui river, I fell in love with Peru. Until 2004, I assisted trainings for artisans in the Andes and in Lima.
From 2005 to April 2015, I did theater with street children in Lima, based on their lives. NANA DE LA CALLE - lullaby of the streets, working once or twice a year with them. My personal concern, and that of the Bruno Schulz Institute.
The direction of NANA DE LA CALLE has been taken over by the musician and the street children of the first hour. In the meantime, they perform their lullaby every year at the LUM - the place of memory, tolerance and social inclusion - in Lima.
My husband, suffering from Alzheimer, could stay at home. He passed away on 21 September 2020. A merciless journey for both of us.
In Oktober 2022, I was back in Lima with my street children.

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