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stimulating and developing the talents of street children, doing theater with them based on their lives

projects of the NGO Generación, Lima
Generación, founded in 1988, advocates the child's and adolescent's rights

From 2000 up to its end in 2016, the Bruno Schulz Institute supported the theater project with street children of Generación. In 2005, I myself set out doing theater with the kids based on their lives: 'nana de la calle' (lullaby of the streets). In 2007, we started including the kids and adolescents living in the streets in the center of Lima. In October 2008, we started performing their lullaby at secondary schools of Lima, followed by discussions between the street children and the students. Some extra information.
In 2013, with 'celebrating art', we started a street academy.
In 2015, I worked with them for the last time. The musician, I had worked with from the very beginning and the kids themselves have taken over the direction of 'nana de la calle'. In the meantime, they perform their lullaby every year at the LUM - the place of memory, tolerance and social inclusion - in Lima.
I love them, am proud of them.

nana de la calle - reports of the process
sabine vess



nana de la calle - following a rehearsal in October 2010
generación, lima

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in August 2005 we started on doing theater on their lives with the children of the houses of Generación, Lima. the basical raptext results from an interview with a former street child and reports on the closure of the childrens' house of Generación in Magdalena del Mar, a district of Lima, by the authorities on may 17, 2005.
dress rehearsal took place at Lima 'Markham College', the first night on September 1. the children played their 'lullaby' in public parks and on November 22, 2005, in Lima during the

II world congress on childhood and adolescence's rights

in September 2006 we started on transforming the play into the opera of their lives.
in 2008 we started a campaign performing this 'lullaby' at secondary schools of Lima, followed by discussions between the street children and the students.

Prologue held at the first night on September 1, 2005

In November 2004 we decided to do theater with the children and adolescents of Generación based on their lives. The house of Generación in Magdalena del Mar, Lima, seemed to be the ideal location to realizing it.
In May 2005 the authorities expelled the seventy children and adolescents living there, thus bereaving them of there home. The house was closed and still is. Moreover, authorities and citizens try to break the idea of this house, which is more than just a building.
Nobody and nothing can break the idea of this house, which is based on the fact that the most vulnerables of the poor are our equals. Consequently we are defending their rights and are fighting for their rights as we do for our own children, and we offer them love and friendship.
The circumstances under which we worked on this theater of their lives have been extremely difficult for my friends of Generación. We will go on working on it.

Lima, 22.11.2005
Sabine Vess
Foundation Bruno Schulz Institute

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